It costs teachers nothing to register, beyond the time it takes to fill in the online form.

There are two main sections to the form.

The first section gathers basic information from you to create a summary - a taster of what you can offer to a school. This will be displayed openly but anonymously (you will be allocated an ID code) under the heading of your main specialist area eg. Geography, Ages 5 -11, Junior, Senior Management etc.

The second section is kept confidential and will hold your personal information, contact information and your CV/Resume. A school may select you from the first section as a possibility for their shortlist. On payment of a small fee, and after we have taken all reasonable steps to check them out as bona-fide, we will release your details and CV/Resume to them, so that they can contact you. For this step we need your agreement which you can give to us online.

Once registered, you will be allocated an ID code and with your own choice of password, you will be able to edit/update your entry on the register. We would ask you to remove your entry on the register when you are no longer available for work eg. successfully appointed!

Your data will only be held for the one specific purpose - to be viewed by schools who are interested in teacher recruitment. We will not pass it on for marketing purposes. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. View our Data Protection Policy.

The Benefits

  • There is NO COST to you as a teacher - yes, absolutely FREE!!!!!!
  • You will be sent - by email - adverts for job vacancies in international schools.
  • Schools will be able to shortlist you directly from the register.
  • Schools may ask us to shortlist for them. We will match their criteria to the data on the the register.

    If you simply wish to view job adverts from International Schools, please check on this website under JOB - Vacancies

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