How Does it Work?

Schools may use the register in 4 different ways

  1. Schools advertise vacancies on the website - £25 per advertisement (or a discount is given for multiple advertisements)
  2. Schools shortlist from the register - £25 per teacher
  3. We shortlist for you - £50 per teacher (minimum 2 teachers)
  4. Emailout - £75 per advertisement - we send details of vacancies by email to every teacher registered, providing a live link to the school contact email. It is a same day service as far as possible, usually with immediate results.

1. Schools advertise vacancies

Schools upload their vacancies showing the description of the job along with all their contact details, their own website link and so on. Teachers then apply directly to the school. There are discounts for bulk buying so schools can buy a group of advertisement and use them when they need them!

2. Schools may harvest a shortlist of teachers quickly, easily and for very little cost.

REd International holds a list of teachers who wish to work overseas. They are categorised according to their specialist areas and their basic information is displayed for you to view free of charge. This in itself saves hours of combing through CVs/resumes. Once you have browsed the register (teachers remain anonymous and are displayed with an identity code) you may feel you wish to take the next step - to view CVs/resumes and contact teachers.

Contact details and CVs/resumes will be revealed on payment of a small fee, preferably by Paypal. Once you request this, and payment is made, the details will be forwarded to you. The cost will be £25 for the details of each candidate. However, discounts can be made for multiple CV requests. For example, 5 sets for £100 and fees will be negotiated for larger numbers as you may wish to carry out your full recruitment process in this way. No further fees are charged. Should you feel dissatisfied with your candidate choice i.e. they are unavailable because they have already found a position but have not informed us, simply contact us for a replacement, at no extra cost.

3. We carry out the above process for you
working to your criteria and creating your shortlist. We check that the teacher is interested in your school and is available. (£50 per teacher, minimum 2)

We feel sure that these immediate and efficient services will soon replace the more protracted and established practices, which have often meant that shortlists evaporate and schools are left high and dry. The new process will

  • save administration costs
  • save time
  • save money

4. Emailout to teachers - same day, if at all possible

We send details of your vacancies by email to the inbox of every teacher registered, providing a live link to the school contact email and website. You could have a response within 24 hours. The advert goes to teachers on the displayed, main register and also to teachers on another hidden register called the REd List of Teachers. There are at present several hundred teachers on each register.

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